19” Fiesta Grapevine Wreath

19” Fiesta Grapevine Wreath

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This is a seasonal item. If supplies are available I am happy to create this for you; otherwise I will provide alternatives. 

Please see description below for measurements and other details. Thank you. 

Wreath measures approximately 19” with embellishments, so it is a smaller than the average 24" wreath. 

Wreath will be made just for you after your order is placed, so it is not already made. The picture is from a recent design.

Wreath includes vibrant ribbon and embellishments. Embellishments and ribbons vary and your wreath will not be identical to wreath pictured.

Paper embellishments may fade faster compared to other materials depending upon exposure to sun.  Display in a covered area to avoid contact with rain, etc.

You may select pick-up, local hand-delivery or shipping at check out. 

If you are unable to pick up, we may coordinate a halfway point to meet up (for purchases $25 or more). If so, select pick up to avoid shipping costs, and we will coordinate details. 

A link with more details about shipping and packaging is found on the bottom of the home page of my website. 

If you have a question, a contact link is found at the bottom of the homepage as well.  Your message will go to my email address at ditzygypsy2022@gmail.com. I typically reply within 24 hours.