Jewelry Care Recommendations

Each item in my shop is carefully handcrafted with a variety of materials that I personally select.

Over time, you can expect a little fade with certain materials, particularly stones that are dyed. Some may fade sooner than others. Fade is less likely with genuine gemstones and glass beads and crystals. You may also notice a little tarnish with metals over time, including silver.

To ensure the longevity of your items, follow these simple steps:

Rings and Bracelets~ Remove rings when washing your hands to avoid moisture and contact with soap.  Chemicals in soaps are harmful to delicate materials. A little water won’t hurt, but too much moisture may cause change in color faster than general fade over time.  Remove bracelets or slide up your arm when washing your hands.

No Products ~ Avoid contact with soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, fragrances, household cleaners, chlorine in pools and the like. 

Cleaning~ Do not use a jewelry cloth on metals, as this removes the finish.

Storage ~ Store jewelry in a drawer, a jewelry pouch or in a place where it's not exposed to direct sun and dust.

Craftsmanship ~ I make a variety of costume jewelry items including stretch bracelets and rings, wire bracelets and leather beaded bracelets, all with a variety of closure options. Your items will hold up for a considerable amount of time, but you can expect fade and tarnish depending upon care how often it's worn.

Wear Gently roll on and off items with stretch cord including rings, bracelets and anklets. Avoid stretching and pulling on the cord. Proper care will definitely prolong life of your jewelry. items.

I hope these tips are helpful. Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Please refer to the refund policy for questions about returns or exchanges. A link is provided on the bottom of the homepage of my website.

Heidi Tarrillion, Owner & Creator of The Ditzy Gypsy, LLC