Wreath Care

Here are some tips to make your wreath last.

Wreaths can be displayed indoors and outdoors.

Wreaths displayed outdoors will fade over time and the amount of fade depends upon materials, porch coverage, and the time of year. If displaying outdoors, it is recommended to hang your wreath in a covered area where it’s not exposed to the elements.

Storage is especially important so that your wreath will maintain its fullness and so that embellishments are not compromised. Wreaths will stay in-tact beautifully if they are hung and have distance on all sides so that they are not crushed by other items. Ideally, store it in a dark place or loosely cover with a dark bag where light cannot easily go through bag. Examples include a closet, attic garage. Direct light may fade materials so dark places or covering them with a dark non-transparent bag are ideal.

It is not recommended to stack wreaths or store them in a box where the wreath may touch the sides. Otherwise, the wreath will eventually take the shape of the box.

I hope these tips are helpful, and feel free to contact me with any questions.