Leather Wrap Bracelet Care Instructions

The following care instructions are included with your bracelet purchase.

Each bracelet is made with care and quality.  To ensure that your bracelet lasts, follow these easy steps:

Wear ~ Lie bracelet on a flat surface in a straight line; lightly rub fingertips across surface so beads and leather are flat.  Beads may pop up slightly; by lightly adjusting and working leather, beads will pop back into place. 

Wrapping around wrist ~ Start with button facing up and keep it lying flat (no twisting) as you wrap it, then secure with loop closure.  This takes some practice and you may need assistance to secure closure at first.

Care ~ Remove or slide bracelet up arm when washing hands to avoid moisture.  A little water won’t hurt, but too much may cause change in color and shape.

No Products ~ Avoid contact with lotion, hand sanitizer, fragrances and the like. 

Storage ~ Wrap it up without any twists and store in a jewelry bag, a drawer, or jewelry case. All jewelry will last longer if stored away from dust and direct sun.

Craftsmanship ~ Each bead is hand-stitched with durable thread between two strands of leather. You may notice some slight imperfections in the leather.  This adds to the charm of the leather and each strand may vary.

If your bracelet is too tight or loose, contact me for adjustments. Enjoy, and thank you for supporting my handcrafted business 😊

Heidi Tarrillion, Owner & Creator of The Ditzy Gypsy, LLC